Andrew Gentilli

Andrew trained as an actor at The Oxford School of Drama and Drama Centre London before going on to study improvisation at iO Chicago, UCB New York, The Loose Moose Theatre in Canada and various masterclasses across Europe. After playing in several UK troupes, he founded The Inflatables along with Steve Roe of Hoopla Impro in London to create the ultimate short form experience. He then founded Storybag, specialising in long-form plays, and plays in Music Box: The Improvised Musical. He is also a voice actor, visual artist and filmmaker.


Inflatables Headshots Dyl 

Dylan Buckle

Dylan Buckle is an improviser, musician and host. Dylan has been improvising since 2008 and has been providing guitar music for numerous London based improvised comedy groups, Hoopla, Cannonball, Music Box and Do Not Adjust Your Stage. He has performed at the Edinburgh Festival three times and regularly performs in London. He has been in various bands of the years playing Indie Rock, Blues and Punk. He has recently branched out into improvising electronic dance music.


Inflatables Headshots Susan

Susan Harrison

Susan is an Improviser, Actress and Character Comedian. She is a member of  “Showstopper The Improvised Musical”  (***** British Theatre Guide ***** London Times)  and is also one of the Monkeytoast Players. She has taken part in the London 50 hour Improvathon and has guested with Grand Theft Impro among various other groups. As an actress her credits include The National Theatre, The National Theatre of Scotland and Children’s BBC. She has taken three solo character shows to the Edinburgh Fringe and currently teaches character comedy to improvisers.


 Inflatables Headshots Frad

Alex Fradera

Alex has studied improvisation in Europe, Canada’s Loose Moose Theater and at Chicago’s iO Theater. He has performed at multiple Edinburgh festivals, in the New York Del Close Marathon, and as part of ongoing duo make shift at the Würzburg, Kalsruhe and London Slapdash improvisation festivals. He has taught improvisation in Warsaw, Helsinki and across the UK and Germany.


Inflatables Headshots Nicki 

Nicola Kidner

Nicola trained and got her drama degree, in all aspects of acting and theatre, from Northampton University. After performing in off-West End productions she moved to improvisation – trained with Hoopla. She has performed at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival for two years with The Inflatables and Cannonball Improv.  She was a founder of 8-Bit Improv, a long form group, coached by Katy Schutte. And now performed regularly with StoryBag. Outside of improv she volunteers for charity films and is a radio VoiceOver artist.